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"Dance is a form of expression. It allows me to be fluent in all forms and moods, while clearing my mind from daily activities.

In the years I have taken ballet as a young girl, I have gained the strength, knowledge, vocabulary, and techniques. Moving towards my adult years, Janet's classes have refreshed these attributes. My movements have become more natural with flow and I have become more motivated to strive for perfection.

Ballet is a passion of mine. I may not be able to dance professionally, but Janet's classes still keep the desire and love of dance present in every class.

Janet instructs her classes with a variety of styles, while incorporating variations from famous ballets to familiarize her students with performance and choregraphy..."

Charlotte Garcia

"Janet, you are such an inspiration for me. I truly appreciate all the time, effort, and expertise you provide for all of us. Thanks so much for keeping dance alive and really enjoyable for me. You are a wonderful teacher and person."

Kathleen Wehr
Music and Dance Teacher at Los Gatos High School

The studio has some features that are hard to find in this area. Janet takes every student seriously, whether you are a new beginner or have significant skills. If you are willing to put the effort into learning, she will put the effort into providing a helpful environment for you. Her classes are not impersonal and she can provide appropriate suggestions to help. Some people want to improve for school-level auditions, others want to exercise the skills they learned before, and others like the physical activity and change from sometimes inactive work styles. Few students intend to to perform much with it, but ballet is a fun challenge and a great way to improve balance, flexibility and speed of reflexes.

Gary Smith
Software Engineering, Info Security

"Ballet classes with Janet is my way to play
It is my way to treat myself after a busy day
It is my way to reconnect with the love of dancing since my childhood days
It is my way to meditate, and to appreciate, the beauty of my favorite things
It is my way to keep me sane in the high-tech fast lane
It is my way to keep my spirits up when I'm laid-off
It is my way to keep my body in shape, and my mind in harmony
It is my way to keep the dance of my life fun and alive!"

Lisa K.Y. Wong
Software Engineer

"I look forward to Janet's classes because they provide a much needed release after my long days at work. Ballet is a wonderful source of exercise and provides a unique outlet for my social and expressive needs. Janet was my first ballet teacher, and over the years, her classes, positive attitude and encouragement have inspired me to never quit something I love so much."

Karin Dun
HR Information Systems Analyst

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